Jo's Organic Beauty- Aloha Body Scrub
Description Our exotic body polish provides gentle moisturizing and exfoliation with pink Himalayan salt, Coconut and Almond. The skin loving nutrients in the scrub are ideal to combat against blocked pores, in-grown hairs and blemishes, leaving your skin visibly soft,...
Rs.2,200.00 Rs.1,980.00
Jo's Organic Beauty- Argan Facial Oil, 30 Ml
Description Enjoy goodness of Liquid Gold – 100% Pure “ARGAN OIL” for glowing & hydrated look • Rich in Vitamin E• Anti-aging & Antioxidants• Restore elasticity of skin• Improve Skin Tone• Soothe and hydrate skin• Control hair frizz and split...
Rs.3,080.00 Rs.2,772.00
Jo's Organic Beauty- Clarity - Brightening Foot Scrub
Description BRIGHTENING FOOT SCRUBLime & Tangerine oil This foot scrub gently moisturizes and exfoliates your feet by removing buildup of dead and dry skin; it will help reveal newer and brighter skin. The wild orange extracts along with citrus oil...
Rs.1,650.00 Rs.1,485.00
Jo's Organic Beauty- Clarity - Cleansing Clay Mask
Description Clarity mask is made to gently clean & detoxify skin without over drying it. The kaolin clay along with Bentonite have astringent properties that help minimize pores; balances oil production to unclog pores, and remove toxins from the skin....
Rs.1,485.00 Rs.1,337.00
Jo's Organic Beauty- Cleopatra’s Secret Glow
Description 3 in One beauty enhancer – DAILY CLEANSER, SCRUB & MASK. It is an ancient old recipe blend of Almond, Sandalwood, Neem, Orange peels, Turmeric root power, Roses, Saffron and other essential herbs that clear out uneven tone skin...
Rs.1,045.00 Rs.941.00
Jo's Organic Beauty- Foot Powder
Neroli & Tea Tree essential oil (FOOT POWDER) – Control foot odor– Soothe irritated skin– Refresh & dry feel Our talc free all natural foot powder is made with healing herbs and revitalizing essential oils known for their anti-fungal, antibacterial...
Rs.935.00 Rs.842.00
Jo's Organic Beauty- Oats & Green Tea Mask
Description Soothing and Refreshing pack A fine blend of oats, almonds, green tea & fruits extracts that effectively soothe, condition & moisturize skin. This power pack rejuvenate skin with antioxidant enriched green tea, Ultra-hydrate with natural oats & soothe skin...
Rs.1,045.00 Rs.941.00
Jo's Organic Beauty- Rosehip Facial Oil
Description 100% pure “Rosehip Oil” – From our luxury line product range; introducing Rosehip facial oil for the first time in Pakistan, a complete skin care treatment – Evens skin tone– Hydrates dry skin– Anti-aging, treats fine lines and wrinkles–...
Rs.3,520.00 Rs.3,168.00
Jo's Organic Beauty- Sunset – Pm Facial Oil, 15 Ml
Description Ultra-Hydrating & revitalizing serum With Hemp seed & Argan Oil Rejuvenate skin Hydrate collagen Youthful glow Usage: Apply a few drops at night, massage gently in upwards directions. INGREDIENTS: Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) seed oil, Vitus vinifera...
Rs.1,870.00 Rs.1,683.00
Jo's Organic Beauty- The Scalp Food Hair Oil
Description The Scalp Food is nourishing hair growth oil specifically formulated to promote longer, thicker and healthier hair. This all-natural blend of vitamin-enriched oils infused with herbs help to strengthen and restore hair follicles. This oil reduce hair shedding to...
Rs.1,090.00 Rs.981.00
Jo's Organic Beauty-Aphrodite Beauty Exilier Facial Oil
Description These beauty drops are quick-absorbing, non-greasy that instantly replenish skin with essential moisture while working to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With naturally occurring omega 3 6 & 9 along with vitamin C helps to improve...
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