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Morphe- Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II
MORPHE X JACLYN HILL When Jaclyn Hill goes big, she goes all the way. Our OG Morphe Babe never half-sasses somethin’. It’s extra to the extreme. Just like her brand-new, dramatic-AF palette. She’s created 35 vivid shades to help you...
Morphe- Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette Volume I
MORPHE X JACLYN HILL This is not your average palette. That’d be boring. We (and most importantly, Jaclyn Hill) don’t do boring. This palette is a 2-year love affair. 35 OMG eyeshadows that Jaclyn whipped up, formulated, tested, re-tested, and...
Rs.21,000.00 Rs.13,599.00
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