Neue- Eye Sleeping Mask
Product Details What’s for: A multi-action Eye Sleeping Mask is to measurably reduce the look of multiple signs of aging around eyes including dark circles, lines and wrinkles. Benefits: This Eye Sleeping Mask delivers a lit-from-within glow while instantly hydrating,...
Neue- Hair Growth Oil
Product Details Benefits: 1- Hair Regrowth and Repair. 2- This works on all hair types. 3- Promote healthier and stronger hair. 4- Natural Thickening and smoothing of hair and nourishing of scalp. 5- Great for hair loss protection. 6- Remove...
Neue- Lip Balm for Men
1- Lightening the Dark Lips Color 2- Quick healing of dry and chapped lips 3- Ensure that your lips are well hydrated 4- Protect the lips against unfavorable external conditions Ingredients: Shea butter, Almond oil, Vitamin E, Coconut oil, Olive...
Neue- Lip Balm for Women
For Women whose lips get darker due to use of Lipstick or Dryness. Details: Neue Lip balm for Women will help to turn your lips color naturally in to pink or to your natural lip colors. 4 Benefits of Applying...
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