Scents n Stories- The Voyage- Our Impression of Tobacco Oud- Roll-On Perfume Oil, 10 Ml
The Voyage is a women’s and men’s woody spicy fragrance with tobacco, warm spicy, whiskey, oud, and sweet main accords. It has a top note of whiskey, followed by middle notes of cinnamon, spicy notes, and coriander. The base notes...
Scents n Stories- Da Vinci Code- Our Impression Of Acqua Di Gio- Roll-On Perfume Oil, 10 Ml
Da Vinci Code for men and women. The fragrance for men is a scent of freedom, full of wind and water. The composition is built of a perfect harmony of sweet and salty notes of sea water and nuances of...
Scents n Stories- Vanilla Blast- Our Impression of Tobacco Vanille- Roll-On Perfume Oil, 10 Ml
Vanilla Blast smells like Boozy vanilla, tobacco, something sweet and fruity like a plum or raisin covered in cocoa powder. Good projection, can get compliments with even minimal sprays, which is probably better because it can be overwhelming. Notes Top...
Scent Station- Impression of Amarige - 10ml Roll-on
The name of the perfume 'Amarige' is an anagram of the French word 'Mariage.' Hence this \nfragrance is as intensive as a strong feeling. It brings peace and an unforgettable moment of a \nhappy marriage. The Amarige woman is graceful...
Rs.750.00 Rs.600.00
Scent Station- Velvet Orchid - 10ml Roll-on
The new feminine perfume creation from Tom Ford is an association of the most popular vamp fragrance of Black Orchid. The new version Velvet Orchid comes out in 2014 and carries on the legacy of bold and glamorous floral signature...
Rs.800.00 Rs.640.00
Scent Station- Signature of Oud Wood - 10ml Roll-on
Notes of exotic agarwood (oud) and Brazilian rosewood lead the way with their powerful, \nenriching scent that’s reminiscent of taking a casual walk or hike through a densely wooded \nforest setting. Meanwhile, notes of Sichuan pepper and cardamom lend their...
Rs.850.00 Rs.680.00
Scent Station- Impression of Hugo Boss - 10ml Roll-on
Hugo Boss reflects the purity of fresh water. It is a men's fragrance that combines citrus and \ngreen accords for replenishing masculine scent. Application to pulse points reveals notes of \nMediterranean citrus and fig water. The composition develops in the...
Rs.750.00 Rs.600.00
Stage Line - Ultra Light Roll On 4 Deep Gold 4ml
Stage Line - Ultra Light Roll On 4 Deep Gold 4ml
Rs.1,445.00 Rs.1,300.50
Adidas- Roll On Get Ready Men, 50ml
Fresh & woody Tropical fusion of juicy fruits contrasted with aromatic and sensual woods Sea wave accords with notes of tropical fruits, lavender and sensual woods Celebrates the unique Brazilian way of getting ready to celebrate the love of sports...
Rs.666.67 Rs.249.00
Scent Station- Impression of Chanel 5 - 10ml Roll-on
Chanel N°5 is the first perfume in the floral-aldehyde group and the first by the quantity of \naldehydes in its composition. It’s captivating aura evokes your inner self into a beautifully \nconfident personality that stands enviable in the crowd. \nThe...
Rs.750.00 Rs.600.00
Scent Station- Impression of Blue Lady - 10ml Roll-on
Blue Lady is an elegant and cheerful perfume, ideal for ladies who celebrate vitality. \nViolet leaf, ylang-ylang, tuberose, and orange blossom are at the top of the theme. The heart is \nfilled with peach, plum, narcissus and jasmine, while the...
Rs.750.00 Rs.600.00
Rs.350.00 Rs.280.00
Rs.350.00 Rs.280.00
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