• How to earn Points?

Earn 1 point for every rupee spent.

• How to get Free delivery?

Click on the loyalty Widget-> Click “Your Rewards”->copy the Code->Add the Product to your cart-> paste the code during checkout.

• How to redeem gifts?

Click on the Loyalty widget->Click “Your Rewards”->Copy the Code-> Add the gift to your cart-> Paste the code during checkout.

• How to redeem Rewards Boxes?

Click on the Loyalty Widget-> Click “Your Rewards”-> Copy the code->Add the reward Box to Your cart->paste the Code during Checkout.

• What do tiers such as bronze, Gold and VIP mean?

Earn 1 point for every rupee you spend, reaching pre-set milestones helps you enter a tier.

  • Bronze- You can enter the bronze tier after earning 75000 points.
  • Silver- You can enter the silver tier after earning 150000 Points.
  • Gold- You can enter the gold tier after earning 250000 Points.
  • VIP- You can enter the VIP tier after earning 400000 Points.
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