Ayesha Omer- Face Cream, 50ml
Ultra hydrating and radiance boosting, for dewy, plump skin. Enhances the skin’s appearance with calming and regenerating perks. Supercharges luminosity of the skin with inflammation-reducing and skin-protecting antioxidant Platinum Flakes.
Ayesha Omer- Foaming Face Wash, 150ml
A gentle foaming cleanser that purifies skin from dirt, oil, and makeup without over-drying. Infused with botanicals that clarify and enhance the complexion revealing a youthful, Clean Faced glow.
Rs.1,150.00 Rs.805.00
Ayesha Omer- Night Serum, 30ml
Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles overnight, with this youth-replenishing, collagen boosting face serum. The botanicals activate the skin, giving it gleaming softness and uplifting firmness. Night Mode transforms lack-lustre texture into luminous skin, overnight.
Ayesha Omer- Calming Toner, 100ml
Prep the skin with Toned, made with 100% natural ingredients, to clarify skin tone. Enhanced with hydrating & pore tightening botanicals to sooth irritated skin. This quick absorbing, alcohol-free calming toner, suits all skin types, even sensitive skin.
Ayesha Omer- Face Mask Multani Mitti, 300gm
Awaken your complexion with instant glow-boosting clarity with Mask On. It deeply exfoliates, lifting off dirt, oil and impurities from the skin. Oil-balancing, pore-tightening botanicals work in harmony with the skin’s natural renewal process, to even out skin tone. Banish...
Ayesha Omer- Lip Butter, 50gm
Restore the lips’ natural moisture and color, with naturally plumping and nourishing botanicals. Enriched with Vitamin E, this Lip Butter with Sun Protection forms a protective hydrating layer for smooth and soft lips. Use day and night.
Ayesha Omer- Spot Control Acne Serum, 30ml
Fight acne-causing bacteria for on-the-spot Zit Control, preventing further spread and inflammation. Antibacterial botanicals target breakouts from the root pacifying redness and calming inflammation. It heals skin tissue, lowers the chance of scarring, blemish formation and dryness.
Ayesha Omer- Moisturising Gel,150ml
A multi-purpose, non-greasy, lightweight gel that smooths, hydrates and refreshes the skin, instantly. Activated-Charcoal beads along with calming and healing botanical extracts promote skin renewal and an even tone. Transform and restore pigmented, dull skin to get a youthful glow....
Ayesha Omer- MAKEUP BREAKUP Makeup Remover
MAKEUP BREAKUP Makeup Remover -          Gently Removes All Kinds Of Makeup -          With Aloe Vera Effortlessly dissolve any makeup (even water-proof) with this excellent makeup remover created with skin-softening Coconut Oil. Hydrating botanicals, with toning & soothing benefits, leave the...
Ayesha Omer- Ayesha's Beauty Secret - AO
This set contains:▪️Detoxifying MASK ON face mask made with Multani Mitti & Orange Peel▪️Non-greasy & multipurpose MOISTURIZING GEL made with soothing Aloe Vera & Green Tea and healing Charcoal beads▪️SPOT CONTROL made with soothing & clearing Tea Tree Oil helps keep the skin clear &...
Ayesha Omer- Great Escape Candel
An Aromatherapy candle, made from natural plant-based wax, set to brighten your space without producing toxins in the environment. Its aroma will fill the room with relaxed, calm and peaceful energy, ushering you to a Great Escape. Burn time: Up...
Ayesha Omer- Body Milk, 150ml
Comfort thirsty skin by locking in silky moisture, for all day hydration. Nurturing and healing botanicals provide softness, non-greasy nourishment and luminosity to the skin. Easily absorbed, Body Food enhances the appearance of rough, dry skin leaving it healthy and...
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