Vitabiotics- Perfectil Hair Crush Gummies, 60 Gummies
Your new hair crush. These are an easy and delicious way to ensure your hair is being given a little extra love and some great nutritional support. Your relationship with your hair is about to get serious. Perfectil Hair Crush...
Rs.9,075.00 Rs.6,353.00
Vitabiotics- Perfectil Nails, 60 Tablets
When your nails need some special care, Perfectil Nails gives you the complete support of Perfectil with advanced nutrition for nail health. Specially selected nutrients, targeted at your nails Includes extra selenium, which contributes to the maintenance of normal nails...
Rs.6,570.00 Rs.4,599.00
Vitabiotics- Perfectil Skin, 56 Tablets
This gives you the advantage of Perfectil with a Nutri-dermalTM capsule including biotin, Omega-3 fatty acids and Co-enzyme Q10. A patented formula for greater skin support Includes extra Biotin which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin The everyday nourishment of...
Rs.8,045.00 Rs.5,629.00
Vitabiotics- Ultra Turmeric 60 Tablets
Ultra Turmeric is a one a day tablet that contains pure Turmeric, Vitamin D and Black Pepper. Turmeric is used to help support healthy digestion Activated with Black Pepper extract Contains Vitamin D, which contributes to the normal function of...
Rs.10,765.00 Rs.8,225.00
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