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As a woman, we all have a beloved item in our closet or in our vanities. Let it be a jumpsuit which hugs your curves in every right angle which rocks your look or an evergreen pendant hanging on your collarbone which goes with your every outfit or it can be just something which can boost your confidence, strength, and which could lace you with boldness and edgy sexiness, yes I am talking about a power of red lipstick.  

For me, Mac’s Ruby Woo matte lipstick, their bestsellers. Ruby Woo is a style statement with brightness shade with a distinct texture. Ruby Woo carries a power which no makeup item or a piece of cloth can provide. It radiates strength and womanliness equally. 

Bill Blass once said; “when in doubt wear red”. A statement could not be more perfect. Let it be a business meeting flashing yourself with boosting confidence or sunny Sunday brunch out with your friends or a perfect date, for you Ruby Woo can never be wrong, it is not just classical but also edgy polished, trendy and elegant but unpretentious too. 

A swipe of its crimson shade, is empowering and emboldened and self-assured concealing every latent insecurity underneath, for the woman who thinks they cannot wear red lips, honey, they are wrong, red lips are ‘owned’ as it is the ultimate accentuate of feminine strength, a Ruby Woo is for every-face, every color race, it is for every woman out in the world radiating and blooming every face. 

That’s the thing about Mac’s Ruby Woo– it’s a beautiful case of chicken and egg. It may require confidence to wear, but confidence can actually be a result of putting on red lipstick – and no one needs to know which comes first.



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