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The Best Concealers For You


The most underrated product you could use to get rid of all your issues in one go: Concealer.
It took a few years to learn that you don’t need to put on a thick layer of foundation every day for college or work to look formal or even presentable.  The knight in shining armor: Full coverage concealer.

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The biggest misconception is that it’s either-or with concealer and foundation. The reality is, if you want a flawless look, you need both. Foundation gives your skin that neat, airbrushed look you need for fancy events or dinners, and concealer is just the cherry on top to make sure you’re highlighting your features in the right place.

So what’s the right concealer you should use and what should you avoid? If you’re a brown-skinned Pakistani woman prone to acne and dark circles or even puffy eyes, you’re in the right place:

  1. Tarte (Shape Tape): This concealer is the only product you need to put on my face to be fully prepared for a day out. It just does not move. You dab a few spots on under your eyes and the whole space lights up! One spot on an undesirable area and it’s vanished!
    The full-sized Tarte Shape Tape lasted me a full 6 months with daily usage – it’s totally worth it.
    It is also worth noting though, that if you have super dry skin, you will have to moisturize quite a bit before using this since its matte concealer and has a thick consistency. Concealers
  2. Too Faced: Born This Way (Super Coverage Concealer): This product will accustom you to using full coverage concealers because of how aggressive dark circles, blemishes and acne. However, investing in high-end brands for full coverage lets you walk out of your home stress free and knowing that even getting a picture taken with the flash on will not make you look like you’re made of wax.
    Although this is on the pricier side, this concealer is proper-shaadi
  3. Maybelline (Instant Age Rewind): For all the fabulous ladies, this is the perfect product to cover up the puffy eyes and fine lines. With a thick consistency and gentle applicator that flawlessly blends the product onto your face. it’s less effort for huge benefit!

All in all remember, concealer is your friend, nay, best friend. Less product on your face, flawless evening look- what more could you want?

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